After each yell, students make a noise and a hand motion that is known as a wildcat.  Wildcats are also frequently used whenever Aggies hear the year of their graduating class.  Each class has a separate wildcat, and students caught "pulling out," or using the wildcat of a higher class, are often forced to do pushups as punishment. 

Freshmen raise their hands above their heads and yell a continuous "AAAA…….". 

Sophomores, symbolically pushing back on the seniors, chant "A!" five times, waving their hands up and down in front of the torso with their index fingers extended and thumbs perpendicular. 

Juniors yell "A! A! A! Whoop!", using the same hand motion as the sophomores during the "A"s.  For the "Whoop," juniors wrap their left hand over their right fist, with both index fingers extended and pointing towards the ground, signifying their wish to shoot the seniors and take their place. 

As a symbol of their expert marksmanship, seniors yell a single "A!" and then "Whoop!" while interlocking their fingers with their index fingers extended and pointed into the air.  At the same time, the right foot is raised and tucked behind the left knee. The fingers are interlocked rather than covering the right hand so that the Aggie Ring is visible.