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Aggieland, a place where pushing ideas foward doesn't mean pushing ideas aside…



There's a Spirit can ne'er be told…



 For Aggies…optimism is an alternative energy source…



Aggie, Astronaut, CLAM Club Dad, Mike Fossum, visits with A&M students from space…




There is a place where tradition is a way of life,

character is stitched into the local fabric,

and leaders are a natural resource.

It's a place where the future is knocking at the door,

but the past always has a seat at the table.

Here, everyone's glass is half-full,

and cynicism is on a permanent leave of absence.

It's where fish learn to swim, elephants never forget, 

and a horse could carry someone all the way to a Nobel Prize.

Every man or woman can make a difference here – especially the 12th one.

And you're as likely to get a statue for a selfless act, as you are for a heroic one.

The greater good is a required course,

and a helping hand is a required gesture.

This is Aggieland, where optimisn is an alternative energy source, 

and acts of integrity are on everyone's To-Do list.

History is made every day and remembered every year.

And, diversity isn't just a fashionable term; it's a common thread.

It's a place where pushing ideas forward doesn't mean pushing values aside.

Welcome to Aggieland.

Enjoy your stay.